Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roast Chicken with Lemons

This perhaps is Marcella's most famous recipe. It's very simple, and just involves a couple of lemons as well as some salt and pepper. 

I have made it before, and wasn't so impressed. I tried to pay more attention this time, and made the effort to buy toothpicks and string so I could tie it together. 

So I bought myself a free range chook. They do taste a lot better than the factory ones. I washed it, and chopped the fat off as directed. 

So far so good. Next the wash, sit, salt and pepper and whack the lemons in the hole - stitched up with tooth picks. 

Here it is half way through.

And finally done!

As promised the meat was very tender and juicy. With a faint lemon taste.  One mistake I think I made was not spooning juices from the bottom of the baking tray over the meat when sliced.  As with any roast I think it's best to serve this one with some veges. I had some mash but you could also roast some veges in another tray with the chook. Certainly an option if you feel like some roast chook. 


  1. that's very good honey.

  2. i think next time you should pierce the lemons for more lemon infused goodness.

  3. I did piece the lemons silly. At least 20 times each lemon. But not after it's cooked. They squirt.

  4. I like to roast some veggies in the same pan with the chicken. They get to soak up the chicken juices with the lemon and it tastes great!