Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zucchini Sauteed with Fresh Mint

I went to the West End markets today, over the new Go Between Bridge. They have much more character than the other crappy markets around. I went to pick up some lovely lamb shoulder for Marcella's Lamb and Green Bean dish tomorrow. While I was there I bought some of Farmer Dave's lamb sausages, as well as some veges (including for meat broth for tomorrow's risotto).

The choice we faced for a vege dish to go with the lamb sausages was beetroot salad (which I have never made), and Zucchini and Mint, which I have made before but was reinspired by Giuliano's recent blog post on the same dish. It is from his Every Night Italian book. Zucchini won.

The main change from the last time I made it was that I chopped the zucchinis a little larger, as he did in his photo (photos make it easier...). I also didn't have any basil, except for some greek basil from my garden, which I am always a bit scared of as it is so strong.

I upped the quantities a bit as I had more zucchini. I basically cooked as many bits as could fit in my pan in the one layer.

I was a little concerned about the garlic browning. Perhaps I used too much. I need not have worried - it was absolutely delicious, and I'll be making it more often.

I also cooked an eggplant in the oven, so it was a vege friendly lunch, and well received by my two guests. Another winner from Giuliano.

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