Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mashed Potatoes with Milk and Parmesan Cheese, Bolognese Style

I've only recently discovered how to make mash. I saw it being cooked on the TV on Food Safari. It looked pretty easy, and it tasted amazing. I now refer to my life as pre-mash and post mash, and cook it once a week. 

Anyway, what did Marcella have to offer over this french bloke?
She cooked her potatoes pretty much the same way. Peel them after rather than before, and don't salt the water.
Both heated their milk, although it shouldn't boil.
The big difference is Marcella's addition of Parmesan and nut meg. I thorugh in a heap of both.
So how did it go? Gold. The parmesan lifted the whole dish, as it does. The nutmeg was barely noticeable. So will I make it again? Nah, I like my approach now. If I'm feeling cheeky every now and then I might grate the cheese in, but really, why mess with a good thing already.


  1. David! Don't throw in the towel yet! Come cook with us chicks at Cooking Italy! We're cooking the book too, and we just got rolling. We haven't had too many successes or failures yet! Follow to my blog, and follow the link to Cooking Italy from there! We don't have any guys...and we don't have anyone from "down under!"

  2. Welcome to the cooking italy group. :) Glad to have you on board.