Thursday, December 17, 2009

frittata with cheese

I have decided I can't always have photos here or I won't get around to doing things. Tonight was frittata with cheese. Neil Perry taught me how to make french omelette and it sure was fine. But I like the idea of having veges, and just sticking it to the french...

Anyway, so I mixed the egg and parmesan cheese together along with salt and pepper. Not much in it, Hazan style! I then heated the butter and poured it into a little frying pan, hoping for the best. It seemed to take ages to 'set', apart from the top. I don't know how long, 15 minutes I guess. I then put it under the grill, as instructed, but rather than it needing 'a few seconds', it actually needed a few minutes. No bother.

So how was it? Delicious I must say. Like a little cheese and egg pie that you want to eat more of. So easy. It is crying out for a salad though - next time!

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