Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'd love to make my own mayo successfully. I've tried a few times by hand using olive oil. Perhaps too strong a flavour. Marcella says use vegetable oil and the blender. Neil Perry says not to believe her, and to use virgin and extra virgin olive oil and whip by hand.

I tried Marcella's.

It tasted ok (not great) but didn't come together from a thickness perspective. It was runny like thin gravy. I put in an extra egg yoke but to no avail. Any tips on this one? Obviously I've done something wrong.

Marcella says commercial mayos are "beneath discussion" and I believe her. But how to make the real stuff properly?


  1. I just made it last night and got the same thick consistency as hellman's using only the ingredients she recomended (1c EVOO, 2 egg yolks, salt). I think you either didn't beat the egg yolks enough or the oil, maybe put in too much lemon juice.

  2. Do you use a blender? I think that may have been my mistake.