Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pumpkin risotto

I didn't bother to shop today. Too knackered. It was a case of what's around the house, as we got hungry. An eggplant was spotted and baked for afternoon tea. Risotto was the verdict for dinner.

I had a look at my new crisper to see if the asparagus was still around. It had mysteriously disappeared. I spotted half a pumpkin (butternut squash) left over from Giuliano Hazan's wonderful pumpkin and bacon pasta (30 Minute Pasta) eaten earlier in the week.

I recalled a pumpkin risotto and tracked down the recipe from his Every Night Italian. Thankfully I had some Marcella Says meat broth in the freezer, and before I knew it I was settling into the now familiar risotto routine of cooking the onion well, adding the vegetable and then finishing with the rice stirring (and then really finishing with the butter and parmesan at the end).

It was an absolute cracker. It looked like a painting. It tasted of the most wonderful creamy pumpkin, and was consumed with much life affirming and trouble easing pleasure.

Thanks again to the Hazan family for their risotto technique.


  1. Hello,

    I stumbled upon your blog only recently (I usually don´t read blogs at all) but you managed on my link bar. Marcella is my kitchen goddess too. She improved my cooking a lot and I love her books. I always try to tryout something new, but often I just want something good tasting so I stick to the old favourites. But today I will try out the chicken with red Cabbage. And that is partly because of you. Thank you in advance!

    Hallali, Germany

  2. Hi Hallali
    Do let me know how it goes.

  3. I love this dish! I truly married very well!
    Thank you for creating such a lovely blog!