Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marcella's comments on Facebook

  • Very few in the US were aware of the disaster that overtook one of Australia's major cities, Brisbane, when it flooded recently. Please read the account written by our FB friend David Downie, written in a matter-of-fact, sometimes wryly amusing, self-deprecating, and ultimately deeply moving style. I have become very fond of David and I regret that so many years and so many miles prevent our becoming more closely acq
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      • Victoria Jane Cole That's lovely to hear Marcella, I know David thinks very fondly of you also and your cooking has enriched both of our lives. He definitely has a flair for writing in a frank, humorous and resonating way.
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      • Edward Hoos Thanks for posting this. Yes, unfortunately US news outlets didn't deem it a story worthy of their time. I got most of my information from friends in Australia from an online food forum.
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      • Karen B Rush Thank you for acknowledging what our country has and still enduring. Today is Australia Day, our national day, and we find we are contemplating what we can do more to help each other.
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      • David Downie Thank you Marcella, for your words and thoughts. I did not expect that you would become such an important person in my life when I began cooking your food. Your virtual presence and continued participation and generosity is a treasure that I for one very much value.
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