Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fricasseed Chicken with Walnuts

I think I've really cracked this fricasseed approach to birds and little beasts. It's really just cooking the blighters on the stove in some liquid until they are tender. You brown them, brown some garlic if you like, add whatever herbs or spices you like, and braise them in wine (deglazing the pan and letting the alcohol pass) or tomatoes or both with some salt. You can also add anything else to the pan you have available and think would be tasty - olives, cherry tomatoes, peas, chopped potatoes or sweet potatoes, or even nuts as I've done here.

I used walnuts because I had a jar. I just coarsely pounded a couple of handfuls and threw them in. I also used red wine because I had some, and rosemary from the garden and a bay leaf. I think the walnuts added their own flavour, and the sauce was very popular.

It did not elicit moans of pleasure like these dishes sometimes can, and I guess that's where 30 years of experience comes in, but it was a tasty lunch using what was in the house, which was not much.

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