Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lamb shoulder braised with tomatoes

I'm fond of braised lamb. I've learnt that much. And better still, my butcher has it, all cut up and waiting for me to buy it.

I've been cooking Giuliano's Braised Lamb with garlic, white wine, rosemary and olives from his How to Cook Italian. This dish is similar, from his Every Night Italian.

It calls for a big piece of lamb, which is sliced at the end. I only had my cut up bits, and so went with them.

This one has sage in it, as well as rosemary, and includes more garlic. I couldn't use all the garlic, as I didn't have as much lamb, and I think I'm getting Marcella's aversion to too much of it. Having said that, the recipe only asked for 2 teaspoons of it.

I cook my lamb a bit longer than the 1.5 hours. I guess it is until the texture is right.

The taste is different enough from the olive dish to make it a change. Crusty bread is a must.

You only need a small portion, especially after Pumpkin Pasta.

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