Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meat broth (2nd try)

(See the both bottom right)

Well, I wanted to make my second batch of meat broth. It is used in so many soups for starters.

This time I just did what I was told in "Marcella Says". I followed the instructions pretty well to the letter.

At least I tried. I went back to my butcher's, and asked if they had any cheap cuts of meat out the back, or at least any bones.

Yes he said, he has meat on the bone, Osso Bucco, it's frozen but would be fine.

And only $15 per kilo.

Ah, I said, do you have anything a little cheaper. Like offcuts, or even bones, out the back?

He checked. No, nothing out the back. No offcuts. No bones.

No bones, I said. My butcher doesn't have any bones?

That shamed him into a discount on the frozen osso bucco. I also bit the bullet and bought some chuck steak.

I think the main difference this time though was in the volume of water. I just used the Marcella Says meat broth technique, and the resulting liquid was quite delicious. Not as meaty as last time, but much more palatable. Delicious.

I'll freeze this little number in the morning. Might even make some risotto next weekend!

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