Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frittata with onion, tomato and basil

I picked up some nice free range eggs, tomatoes and basil at the markets yesterday and so thought I would put them to good use for breakfast by making a frittata.

You can make a french omelette very quickly, but I didn't mind waiting a little longer for this.

As it turns out, it took a little longer again, but it was worth it. I think this is the most successful frittata I have ever cooked. First, the onions are softened and browned. This produces the most sweet, delicious substance and is quite remarkable given it is 'only' onion, salt and oil. Then the fresh tomato is added. I was a little worried about the absence of some juice in the tomato, especially since Marcella talks about simmering, and the oil floating free from the tomato (in the same way it does when preparing a tomato based pasta).

I need not have worried, this absolutely mindbendingly delicious substance turned out just fine. It just took a little while. When people complain to me about this - that is, time spent cooking, I ask them how they would have spent their time otherwise. Watching TV? It is a good way to spend one's time, I think.

Once cool it was mixed with the eggs and basil and I went ahead with the slow cooking on the stove. I have bought a large non-stick frypan especially for frittatas and it worked a treat with this one. I let it cook a little longer this time, until it really was cooked except for a bit on the top. I then put it under the stove for another 30 seconds or minute, and we were away.

It looked like a colourful thin pancake, waiting to be sliced. It was extremely enjoyable, and tasted of so much more than just egg (as is the case with crap cafe frittatas). You could taste everything in it: the onions, the tomatoes and the basil. It really would be a nice thing to cut and take to a picnic or to have at a barbecue. I like the idea of having little squares for people to munch on as finger food when they arrive at your house for dinner.

I will be cooking this again.

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