Monday, January 24, 2011

Tuscan Ragu and Sunday cookup

I had a big cookup on Sunday night. I have this idea that I will make more of an effort in the one go more often to make my life easier at a later time. Marcella for example calls meat broth as a convenience food. It certainly makes lets you make a delicious risotto in 30 minutes, and was on my list for Sunday (I ended up with 24 cups of broth).

I also cooked up a Tuscan Ragu from How to Cook Italian, and kept that in the fridge for a night before tossing it through some pasta. I have said before I am not a fan of simmered meat sauce but this was delicious, and more like what I am used to, I guess. I will make this again as it makes it extremely easy during a busy week night.

I also cooked a chicken on the stove, the cattiatore from How to Cook Italian and it's in the fridge. I wasn't too fussed on its flavours.

The final dish was the Tuscan Soup from Every Night Italian, also to eat during the week.

Knackered me to be honest.

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